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The next door: A kingdom and coffee conversation

Posted by Trap Prayers on

If you’re like me, you have multiple types of friends. You have your fun friends, your ambitious friends, your ambitious friends, and then there are your warriors. They are the quintessential combination of being a person who can partner with you in prayer, promote you, prop you up when you’re sinking, and of course participate with you in fun times. It’s reciprocated. During a conversation with with my warrior, I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone by getting dressed up, go to a coffee shop, order for two because a guest would be joining me. My warrior noted that I would need to bring a journal and pen with me because this would be a conversation that would be worth documenting.

Now, I definitely love getting dolled up, and I enjoy hot tea and coffee. However, the random, unknown guest thing had me uneasy. I voiced this concern, to my warrior. She replied that the guest joining me, would be God. (Whew! Did you see that coming?! Because I didn’t!) During our coffee date, I was instructed to use the journal to write down all the things I’m grateful to God for. The final task was to write down all things I wanted/was believing God to do: from the minute to the miraculous. Deep write (pun intended)! I felt so strong about needing to complete this activity. I know I needed it.  I’ve realized that I take time to fully develop all the relationships in my life with the exception of my spiritual life. And yes, I know what you're thinking, "you literally have a Christian Lifestyle Brand called Trap Prayers, the relationship should be developed!" And you're right, but I'm honest with myself and aware that I have historically had a tiered relationship with God. Most days we are in a good spot; some days we're okay and coasting along, some days I'm just going through the motions. And yet I've never been in a great spot where I poured into our relationship and allowed him to fully pour into me 100%. I'm seeking the great spot fully.

I went to a coffee shop near my job. I ordered for two: a strawberry lemonade spritzer, for myself and a pumpkin spice latte for God. I opted out of coffee for my because I needed something light and the pumpkin spice latte seemed like the most appropriate choice for God because it's HARVEST SEASON! (Insert mini praise break) I'm a modern girl, and I love typing so I traded my journal for my laptop and began typing all that I'm grateful for. My list of gratefulness started off really standard, but with each stroke of the keyboard, my internal joy grew greater. God has been so good to me. Every keystroke was a reminder of just how good, how I hadn't been as committed to him as I should have been and ending in repentance.  I transitioned to writing down all of the things that I wanted, desired, believed God to do in my life. And I found myself pausing while writing, staring off at a building, and just existing in a surreal peace. I wrote more, and the same thing happened. I stopped. I was finished. I prayed and saved my document. Just when I was betting up to pack my things and throw away our beverages, the area in which I stared became more clear. The building which I stared at had a sign. It read, "The Next Door" and I felt another moment of peace. The next door had been in front of me all along.